Andy Devine - WB6RER

Andy Devine
Andy Devine operating his radio
Andy Devine's Radios

The late actor Andy Devine was often referred to as Red Eyed Rooster. His amateur radio callsign, WB6RER, is phonetically pronounced on the air as:
Whiskey Bravo Six Red Eyed Rooster!

In the 1960s, it was not unusual for an amateur radio operator to hear "This is WB6RER Red Eyed Rooster calling on 40 and standing by". Andy's raspy voice, the result of a childhood accident, was a trademark of sorts.

Andy liked the callsign, WB6RER, and had actually traveled to the coast to obtain it from another ham operator. The Hualapai Amateur Radio Club obtained Andy's callsign with the assistance of the late actor's family, after his passing in 1977. The family wrote to the FCC and asked that the call sign be transferred to the Hualapai Amateur Radio Club.

Andy called many places home in his life, including Kingman, where he is considered a 'native son". The City of Kingman puts on an annual event in his honor.

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